Haynes 214 188 Nickel Alloy Steel Sheet 4*400*400 in stock

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Type: Nickel Plate
Application: Industry,etc
Grade: Nickle Alloy Incoloy
Ni (Min): As standard
Resistance (μΩ.m): As standard
Powder Or Not: Not Powder
Model Number: Haynes 214 188
Brand Name: MZ Steel
Length: as customers' request
Package: Woven bag /Wooden crate
Delivery Time: 15-20 Days
Sample: Avaliable
Product name: Nickle Alloy Incoloy
Certificate: SIO BV ISO
Surface: Bright Annealed
Product Name
Factory Wholesale Price Haynes 214 188 Nickel Alloy Steel Sheet 4*400*400 in stock
As customers' request
Hastelloy B-2 has outstanding resistance to hydrochloric acid at all concentrations and temperatures. It also has significant resistance to reducing environments like sulfuric, phosphoric, acetic acids and other nonoxidizing media. Hastelloy B-2 has excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and knife line and weld heat-affected zone attack. Hastelloy B-2 has poor resistance to oxidizing environments, therefore, it should not be used where ferric or cupric salts are present as these salts may cause rapid corrosion failure.
Chemical processing involving acetic acid, acetic anhydride and complex acid mixture; pickling operations; cellophane manufacture; chlorination systems; electro-galvanizing rolls, expansion bellows; flue gas scrubber systems; geothermal wells; HF furnace scrubbers; incineration scrubbers; nuclear fuel reprocessing; pesticide production; phosphoric acid production; heat exchangers; selective leaching systems; sulfur dioxide cooling towers; sulphonation systems; and weld overlay.
Haynes 214 Haynes 188
Hastelloy: hastelloyB3/B2/X/C/C22/C276/G-30
Inconel: inconel600/625/718/725,Incoloy: incoloy800/800h/825/925,Monel: monel400/k500/404, Nickel: nickel200/201, Nitronic: Nitronic50/60, Alloy: Alloy20/28/330/31/33/75, 4J36/1J50/1J79/4J29/4J42,/3J53 Nimonic: nimonic80/80a/90/75, ETC.
Price Term
Woven bag /Wooden crate
Delivery time
15-20 Days

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